Thursday, June 19, 2008

Logo un-chic – Words from our guest blogger

Our friend and colleague Jerry Kuyper – renowned corporate identity designer – shares this excerpt from a forthcoming interview.

What, in your opinion, makes a logo successful?
Kuyper: Understanding the business objectives and brand strategy criteria are the main ingredients in successful logo design.
Strong, unique, memorable, flexible and enduring.
Saul Bass used these five fundamental attributes as criteria for all logo design when I worked for him 25 years ago. I believe each attribute is as important today as then. As a final ingredient I would add creating a positive emotional response with the key audiences.

What's the one trait you'd advise logo designers to avoid?
Superficial glowing, shiny, metallic renderings being used to hide weak or non-existent concepts.

Name a logo that has horrified you with its awfulness, and explain what makes it such a spectacular failure?
In my opinion, the Verizon logo is one of the worst because it tries to do too much and ends up doing very little.
The logo uses two red graphic elements (the check above the name and the altered z) which compete for the viewer's attention. Neither element provides much in the way of communication.
To know what to leave out is art -

Bueno. Thanks to logo-meister Jerry Kuyper for allowing us to preview his insights. The entire interview appears in London's Digital Arts. I don't have a least favorite logo. I do, however, have a least favorite sibling.


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