Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Environmental decay

Driving across Connecticut on I-84, one has time to reflect on mankind's interaction with the environment – the roaring trucks, the hawks on telecom towers, the commercial slogans that dot the roadside. One billboard always distracts me for a few miles... It proclaims the cheerful promise from People's United Bank: "Everything starts with you."

I wonder why – at PEOPLE'S Bank – everything doesn't start with people. Then I wonder if there is any other possibility. Could everything start with someone else? How about the neglected other guy? We are bombarded by these fatuous claims – clear signs of an environment in decline. Along the roadside. In our minds.


Todd said...

I thought everything started with whoever is first in line during the one hour per week People's United Bank is open to dispense cash, take deposits and distribute toilet paper.

brandsinger said...

Hi, Todd. You sound like a bitter former customer. But I like your revised tag: "Everything starts with the first person in line."