Friday, July 4, 2008

USA – World's greatest brand

Brand attributes – Vitality, progress, optimism
Brand personality – Youthful, faithful, driven
Brand messages – Last best hope, city on a hill, land of the free, home of the brave

Brand essence – Freedom

Happy Fourth of July 



Jay Livingston said...

World's Greatest Brand, We're Number One, etc. Sells well at home apparently. To those outside the USA (and some withing), it comes across as arrogance. And in recent years, the attractiveness of Brand USA has been slipping, abroad and even at home. I wonder why.

brandsinger said...

Thanks for the comment, Jay. My point is that "USA" is the world's strongest brand -- best known, best able to affect behavior, most desirable in many respects (number one desired country to relocate to, for example). You're probably right that its appeal has slipped in recent years. Brand value rises and falls. But Brand USA won't be replaced at the top by France or Malaysia any time soon.

Shelby said...

USA = World's most polarizing brand?

brandsinger said...

Interesting thought, Shelby. "Greatest polarizer." Perhaps a truly "great" anything -- idea, religion, reform -- is by nature "polarizing."

Jay Livingston said...

"Perhaps a truly "great" anything . . .is by nature "polarizing." Maybe, but it does not follow that anything polarizing is therefore great. Besides, the polarization of opinion about the US in recent years has consisted of a strengthening of opinion at only one pole: the negative. The same is true of US opinion about Bush. It's not as though the "neutral" or "somewhat" positive and negative people had moved equally to "very" positive or negative. "Very positive" has decreased, "very negative" has increased -- each by about 25 points.

Of course, this does not mean that the US and Bush are not great. It means only that this greatness is being perceived by fewer and fewer people.

brandsinger said...

Jay - You've moved into the realm of fluctuating public opinion. Bush is current leader of the brand and not a popular one. But the brand lives beyond the immediate moment. It has endured for two centuries, no doubt rising and falling in esteem. Some argue that "America" is losing relevance... USA losing influence... our economy slipping from dominance... These might be true... but as of now, the USA brand-idea endures and, I believe, shines.
Keep smilin!

Jay Livingston said...

You've moved into the realm of fluctuating public opinion.
That shows you how much I don't know about branding. I was under the impression, mistaken obviously, that a brand is what people think it is, i.e. public opinion.

Bush is current leader of the brand and not a popular one.
I meant to say that the trend in the view of the US internationally has run parallel to the view of Bush domestically. The shine has become considerably smudged. So you are probably right that the US brand will regain some of the shine when Bush leaves office.

ulyssian said...

Great post Mr. Singer! I do believe that even with the current (supposed and actual) turmoil that our country is facing, these brand values are real and supported by the champions of this brand--the American people. What can be more honorable a brand essence than Freedom!?

I hope that patriotism someday makes the comeback this land deserves. I find it beyond curious that people will stand by brands they love through more adversity than we do with our homeland, or as we're talking about here, fluctuating public opinion.

The truest brands transcend the commerce they drive and really espouse the values they claim to hold. They want to make the world a better place. People end up seeing through those brands that don't align with what they stand for. The last time I checked... people aren't flocking out of the states!

brandsinger said...

Thanks, Ulyssian. I'm just reading your comment today for the first time -- Your words are wisely and beautifully put.