Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chicago Booth

I don't know the back-story here, but on the surface this seems to be a happy tale. A man named Booth gives his old business school $300 million – and the school gratefully tacks his name onto theirs. It's a well-earned purchase of brand immortality – though for a gift of $300 million I think they should have renamed the entire university – heck, the city itself – after this Booth guy. The amazing thing to me is how he managed to parlay a Chicago MBA into such an incredibly profitable T-shirt business.



Anonymous said...

Question: How is this situation different from that of airports, which Brandsinger discussed a few weeks ago. It seems as if these institutional names are never artfully developed, but are always paid for by political goodwill or cold, hard cash.

brandsinger said...

Hey anonymous - "how is this different"? The Stevens Airport was built with public, taxpayer-provided funds. Not by money from Stevens, an elected representative of the people. This business school was presented $300 million in private funds from a private donor -- who has every right to expect his name on the door.
from the consistent, unpredictable and non-repetitive brandsinger