Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Restoring the Republican brand

Amid the shambles of defeat, Republicans tear their hair, rack their brains and stab one another in the back. They fight over the soul of their party – fight to shape its future as a brand. Some cry out for Reaganism and an agenda of small government, low taxes and big militaries. Others call for realistic reform – a modernized conservatism of investment in education and new technologies and a more flexible foreign policy.

Brandsinger counsels Republicans to renew their original nobility and moral power: Look to Lincoln, I say. Look to your party’s founder and leader who guided America through the tempests of the 1850s and ‘60s. Look to Lincoln’s policies and principles, to the qualities he embodied as leader and man.

Honesty – Extending Lincoln’s reputation for principled behavior, Republicans should proclaim zero tolerance for cronyism, corruption and double-speak.

Justice – How did the Great Emancipator’s party lose 90 percent of the African-American vote? Republicans must renounce religious and racial intolerance and cast themselves as fighters for the poor, the immigrant, the stigmatized and the minority – for equal rights before the law.

Opportunity – As champion of white homesteaders and of industrious young people like himself, Lincoln should inspire Republicans to invest in schools and to create incentives to extend economic opportunity to young people, struggling families, outcasts and immigrants.

Humanity – By Lincoln’s humor, compassion and visceral hatred of slavery, Republicans can be shamed into softening their Manichean righteousness and into opening their party to all. Honoring the newly defeated South, Lincoln told the band: “Play Dixie.” Toward anyone different from themselves, next year’s Republicans should say, “You’re okay too.”

Strength – Under Lincoln the nation was re-united by force of arms and energized to become the world’s industrial powerhouse. In Lincoln's name, Republicans can continue to support military and economic strength – as well as the nation's cultural vigor and intellectual power.

Republicans: Barrack Obama is not merely an amiable new presence whose candidacy benefited from the economic bust. Obama is a threat to your party’s very identity. He has emerged from Illinois reading books on Lincoln, quoting Lincoln and inviting comparisons with Lincoln – TO STEAL YOUR HERITAGE. Republicans, you will have NO future unless you renounce Reaganism and the religious right and look to Lincoln for the inspiration to regain your heritage and to redeem your future.



Anonymous said...

Well said, Brandsinger! Agree that Barack borrowed liberally from the content and the cadences of some of Lincoln's most important speeches. The GOP has gotten away from core principles, while the Democrats have co-opted them some of them. Not sure if abandoning the religious right is the answer, but coming up with positions that are morally grounded without inviting bigotry might be...either way, Lincoln holds the key to understanding what's crucial to the revival of the party.

brandsinger said...

Thanks, anonymous. Transcending today's squabbling is the key for these demoralized dudes. Going back to Lincoln in order to spring forward toward a new day.

Shelby said...

Claude, I love your Lincoln platform. Sounds just like the Dems today, rallied behind Obama -- as you note. But there's an easier answer. Why fix your suffering party when you easily can jump ship and join us?

brandsinger said...

Ha! Thanks for the jab in the ribs, Shelby.
From the 1850s to the time of Hoover, the Republicans championed African-American rights and upward mobility for all... with Democrats in opposition. If Republicans had any sense they would go back to their origins and rise again as a party of economic opportunity for all... but they won't. They've become the party of righteous bitterness -- a brand train wreck!

Anonymous said...

You have an EXTREMELY tepid grasp of history, ESPECIALLY about Lincoln.

I would suggest reading a bit of history.

Also, the very blacks you point out the Republicans lost, are statistically more socially conservative than whites are. This was visible in Prop 8.

This is just tripe, and you've shown you have little to bring to the table in terms of politics. Stick with what you're good at.

brandsinger said...

Wow. Quite an attack here, Anonymous... "tepid grasp of history" - "just tripe" - "little to bring to the table" - what a barrage! But I don't see your point. What exactly are you arguing? That Republicans aren't in trouble? That these qualities I've identified with Lincoln (honesty, strength, justice, etc.) were not associated with Lincoln? That he was not a champion of upward mobility? That Republicans should NOT revive Lincolnian attributes?... What exactly is your counter-point? Speak to us, oh anonymous slinger of aspersions! What do YOU believe is the best course for Republicans?

Joe Banks said...

If only the rest of us could take critism like you brandsinger.
P.S. I smell a noob in here.

brandsinger said...

Ha ha. Thanks, Joe. It pays to be cool... and honest, like Abe.

All the best, brandsinger