Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ten best taglines of 2008

Here are the ten best lines seen by brandsinger. Amazing how mere letters lined up in a certain way can set your synapses ablaze.

10 Yes we can
Hats off to the skinny guy’s triumphant slogan – oh, and now we’ll see!

9 We fix home-made haircuts
Barbershop window, Rockport, Massachusetts – perfect barber for Clint Eastwood.

8 Drive safely – and leave the killing to us
Robinson Pest Control, Hartford CT – You know these guys are very generous with the chemicals.

7 Hello Future
Awesomely optimistic and compact cry of long-running Lincoln Financial campaign.

6 Enjoy someone else’s drama for a change
Longwharf Theater in New Haven – How did they find out about my family?

5 Je me souviens
Quebec license plate slogan – Not sure what it means but it touches mon coeur.

4 Live Free or Die
Give it up for New Hampshire!

3 You. Happy.
Me, surprised by Asian-sounding line from Best Buy.

2 Ensemble tout devient possible
French presidential campaigner Nicolas Sarkozy’s winning slogan. Check out this powerhouse speaker at

1 World Weary
My own bitter twist on Morgan Stanley’s discredited claim to be "World Wise."

And so long 2008! – Year of thrilling expressions and exciting experiments.
Happy New Year to you – our free, optimistic, outspoken brandsinger community.
Be true to your personal brand – in 2009 and always.



Andrew said...

Nice list.

"Je me souviens" is the province motto of Quebec and is also present on their coat of arms.

It means "I remember" and I believe it refers to the founding of Quebec as the only French colony. I'm a big fan of the phrase, too!

brandsinger said...

Merci bien, mon ami! Bonne annee et bonne sante, Andrew!


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe this is too old a tagline to discuss here, but it continually impresses me: Sleepy's -- For the rest of your life.

Gretchen Powers Steen said...

This entire list is genius. I love it. If I could, I would put the whole thing on MY license plate. Bravo!

Peter Francey said...

A marvellous collection of witty and thought provoking one-liners.
I like the motto: "Even is the new up"

Have a great 2009 Mr. Singer.


brandsinger said...

Gretchen! Thanks for commenting. You're so kind! I have a new one for you: An Avon dentist is advertising himself as "The dentist who caters to cowards."

Keep visiting here and make your opinions known!