Monday, April 13, 2009

Brands we love in April

Have we become cranky and negative? Must be time to celebrate the brand champions of our era (that is, April '09). What are "expressive brands"? Brands that 1) dramatically state who they are and what they stand for and 2) brands that deliver on the promises they make.

Here are five favorites:

1 Bandera State Bank – Opening: 2009 Capitalization: $7 million
Tiny new Texas bank ready to show the big institutions the enduring value of, get this, taking deposits and making loans.

2 E-trade 
Even in these tough times, the E-trade baby sustains the swagger of the American day trader by ridiculing his golfing partner as "Shankapotomus."

3 Walmart – Check out this chart!
Gee. Let's make fun of mean ol' Walmart.
"Save money. Live better."
...and thrive in an economic maelstrom by giving beleaguered people what they need.

4 Dr. Jerry Rosenfeld, DDS
Here's a guy who promises dental patients the absence of pain and terror. "We cater to cowards." He wins on sloganeering. But does he deliver? (Can't answer – too much blood)

5 Dakota College at Bottineau

They pulled it off! Changed from "Minot State University – Bottineau" to this terrific new name. Congratulations to the faculty, admin, kids, community and lawmakers for shaking off the bureaucratic packaging and seeing the romantic power of "Dakota" "College" and "Bottineau."



Jay Livingston said...

Dakota College -- seems that the Dakotas, like the Carolinas, are in a tug-of-war over who can claim the nondirectional version of the state name. We can only hope -- nay pray -- that the college follows Colorado U's strategy of protecting its brand by truckling under to political pressure and trying to fire teachers who say unpopular things.

brandsinger said...

ha ha, Jay! Well said.
Are you striking a blow for tenured professors' right to say and do anything they want? I don't remember you defending the president of Harvard's right to speculate on the why there was a paucity of women in the sciences... He got bounced in a firestorm of political correctness. Could there be a double standard at work here?

Jay Livingston said...

"ha ha, Jay! Well said." Thanks. It was the "nay" that I was particularly proud of.

As for Summers, faculty have tenure, presidents don't.

1. Summers resigned his position of president under pressure, he was not fired.

2. Summers still has tenure as a member of the faculty. And as far as I know, nobody has claimed that his tenure should be revoked because of his unevolved views on women and math.

So no, there's no double standard regarding tenure. Had Churchill been president of CU and been fired, no jury would have ruled that the firing was impropoer.