Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Summer a brand?

[Note: This post runs annually every summer. Since last year.]

Everything is considered a brand these days. Why not summer? It has the characteristics of a brand: Brand attributes – heat, long days, short pants, time off. It has a brand's personality – smiling, casual, fun-loving, deeply nostalgic. It has its own sounds (katydids in the afternoon), sights (fireflies at dusk) and smells (sea salt or cattle feed lots, depending on where you live). The only reason that summer would not be considered a brand is this: No one is actively measuring and managing its brand value... There are no brand consultants for summer... No publicists... No logo designers... Summer just happens, and no one is in charge of it... but you. 

Happy summer.


adam said...

McDonald's here in Ontario is running a $1 drinks promotion and their radio spot starts with something to the effect of "Summer: Brought to you by McDonald's"
If I get a sunburn in the shape of the Golden Arches, I'm going to sue.

Thomas said...

Here in the South we have our annual "Humidity Festival," and it's in full swing right now! Mowing the grass makes me long for those childhood memories of growing up in the Midwest...in winter.

brandsinger said...

You guys are great. Thanks, Adam and Thomas. I love "sunburn in the shape of the Golden Arches" and "Humidity Festival." These images are now seared into my impressions of the season.

Gretchen Powers Steen said...

I shall anxiously await the brand of Autumn, my favorite season.