Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peace Prize – Peggy Noonan

Link sent by a reader. Powerful reaction to the Nobel Committee from Peggy Noonan in the WSJ. Now this is a critical and meaningful response from the right.



participant43 said...

As usual Noonan has some things right and some things embarrassingly wrong.
As is clear from my comment in regard to Singer's "Republican Brand Attributes," Peggy and I agree about the absurdity of the Nobel decision.
But how does the committee's endorsement "make him [Obama] look prefabricated and inauthentic, an empty structure held up by essentially silly people." That's an equally absurd notion. Their decision might not add anything to him, but it can't take anything away, or change what he is (or isn't). Being prematurely decorated doesn't make one inauthentic, nor "prefabricated." Obama is what he is, with or without the Nobel committee's imprimatur. His foreign policy, his domestic designs, his concept of the favorable relationship of nations and of the means to best bring it about exists, is or is not valid, is or is not workable, will or won't produce dramatic changes in the world--the Nobel prize doesn't change what he is, his DNA, whatever is the degree of his spontaneity, responsiveness, resourcefulness, and authenticity.
But the most profoundly absurd stances of Noonan (and how truly blind given the realities of the 8 Bush years), is her section of how Obama should lecture (ok, remind) the rest of the world how great America is: their wonderful inventions, their selfless sacrifices in the World Wars.
My god, like Russia didn't lose 20million people to the War, like England wasn't devastated? They need to be reminded of America's (smaller) sacrifice?
Like America, all by itself, and unnecessarily didn't cause the loss of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, in an unecessary war, against people who had no beef with America, with a result of a post-war Vietnam no different than what it would have been had America stayed 14k miles away (save for the catastrophic destruction of land, homes, forests families).
Like the rest of the world doesn't view the 1950s overthrow of democratic regimes--whether in South America, East Asia, or in Iran--by the US as something less than glorious? As well as needless lost of life in Nicuaragua during the Reagan years (again, ending up with a country whose leadership would have been, and was to be, the same had there been no (Contras) campaign of terror supported by America? (We'll leave at shortest of mention, the terrible loss of life in Iraq as America initiated a war against an anti-Al Quadea regime.
Peggy, really, does Europe want to hear from an America president about America's distinctively enlightened policies?
And, talk about a joke: Peggy, we should tell Europe and the rest of the world about America's inventions and discoveries, and medicine, as though the Norwegian, the Germans the French had not their share of ground-breaking physicists, astronomers, medical researchers? Madame Curie, Alex Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Steven Hocking, European Nobel Science Laureates anyone? Even average Americans could produce a long list.
And does Peggy not know about the splendid health systems around the world, home to experimental new surgeries, treatments for the heart and heart disease, etc?
What laughable, pathetic, chauvinism!
Oh, yes, Peggy, that's just what America needs right now, let's lecture the world how our physicists are better, our chemists are better, our political leaders are better, our people are better. That's all we need, for America to become again the laughing stock.
And, it's clear, she really does believe all this.

brandsinger said...

Yikes! a filibuster! Part 43 takes over the podium! Uh, sir, would you mind... I'm not finished!

I guess the point of differentiation is indicated in your last line: "...for America to become again the laughing stock." Conservatives don't believe that this should be the deciding criterion, given that many other countries are prone to laughing as they go about fanatical genocide.