Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brands for the working man

Naming a company is hard enough – but in our age of networking services, software solutions and obscure specialty firms – just understanding a company is tricky. What would you call a company that helps corporations rationalize their internal information flows? What do you call a company that puts transnational import-export documentation online? What do you call a company that helps marketers leverage insight into patient motivations to ensure compliance with drug regimens?

One thing is sure: No one in these companies gets dirty fingernails. So let's tip our hard hats to the straightforward brands that serve the working man. Like Craftsman, the tool company. Love their slogan – I mean, I give a laconic "yep" to their slogan, "Trust In Your Hands."

And let's give a shout-out to the body armor expert elegantly named – I mean bluntly named Second Chance. That's a straightforward promise for you: Our body armor stops bullets and gives cops a second chance to live.

And let's not forget that pumice-powered soap from the 19th century – Lava. Once shown in ads punched forward by the grimiest mitts you ever saw.

What would you call a company that hauls broken particle board and twisted metal out of a demolished building site? Dainty Rubbish, of course! Manly men are not without a rough-hewn sense of irony.

And those manly men and courageous women fighting in Afghanistan need clear, inspiring names too. What would you call a violent military thrust into enemy-held territory? Call it something fierce and purposeful. Like "Angry Cobra."

Craftsman Tools, Lava Soap, Second Chance body armor, Dainty Rubbish, Operation Angry Cobra. A salute to them all. Nothing virtual and obscure. Real brands for real men. Cut these brands and they bleed.



montesballesteros said...


brandsinger said...

Thanks for your comment. I especially like your playful metaphor in line three – very droll!


Anonymous said...

I think the Chinese commentator missed out on a key point: that the brands you mention are effective BECAUSE they have an overt physical dimension. They are about torn knuckles, pumped biceps, scars and blood. No mamby-pamby "value added benefits" here. These are brands for grease-handlin', bolt-torquin', bullet-stoppin' men. And don't you forget it!

brandsinger said...

Hey Anonymous. I think you mis-read the poster's 47th character. It's not the Chinese symbol for "value" -- it's the symbol for "valium." It changes the meaning entirely -- I think,

Thomas said...

Personally I found the post by montesballesteros to be quite insightful. His perspective on "正妹計時器" as well his intriguing take on "漫畫貼圖,成人電影" was truly genius. I was a little disturbed by his '666' reference, but often times the line between genius and insanity can become blurred.

brandsinger said...

Very astute, Thomas. I hadn't seen it quite like that. I think I was thrown off track by his amusing tale of looking for Jewish rye-bread in a Savannah Seven-11.


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