Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baseball glove real estate

Ever have one of those days – let’s say in February – when you catch yourself staring for several hours at a baseball glove? Probably not. I was just checking. I don’t either. My mind is too restless and teeming with profound thoughts.

But for argument’s sake, let's say that you did stare at a baseball glove… What would you see? Bits of leather stitched into an intricate pattern... a highly specialized design….

You would also find a treasure of stamped-on features. Study that glove carefully – don’t rush. It’s February. This is what my glove proclaims about itself…

These registered descriptors and slogans must have accumulated over the years since the 1950s. It seems that any guy at Rawlings who thinks up a pun – edge-u-cated heel – can tell a worker in Manila to stamp it on the leather. Hey, I have one:

“The mitt mit the most mottos”®

Naaaa... guess not. For a baseball glove it's not very catchy.



twoeightnine said...

My favorite was always the Rawlings Trap-Eze.

brandsinger said...

Trap-Eze. That's a beaut. Thanks twoeightnine. May I call you twoeight?

Brent Morris said...

I have always loved those named features. I would love to see that technique used more today... maybe on automobiles. The NO-STOP Accelerator for the toyota?

brandsinger said...

Thanks Brent - yes, something mysterious about these named features. I think they exist so that you have something to read when you're standing out in right field under a broiling Texas sun.