Monday, February 22, 2010

Did Toyota take their eyes off the ball?

This ill-timed Toyota campaign says it all. "WE SEE BEYOND CARS."
Global companies have many responsibilities and must respond to pressure from all sides. They have to be politically aware... attune to cultural nuance... and nimble enough to shake-and-bake when rivals block their way and governments shake them down.

But one thing above all: Global corporations have to do their jobs – stick to their knitting, keep their heads down, dance with the girl they brung, and not take their eyes off the ball. Why do you think there are so many cliches to express this one point? Because taking care of business (there's another one) is essential no matter how many distractions fly at you.

For the good people of Toyota, the JOB was to make good, reliable cars. Something/some things distracted them – "THE GREENER TOMORROW"? And they botched it... You can see the symptoms in this ad. All pious and proud about something-or-other... featuring a non-car instead of a car-car. The car outline pictured here has no brakes and no gas pedal.

It will take years to repair the damage to Toyota's reputation. "$23 million every day researching future technologies" reads the ad copy. I don't want to pile on or snicker at the irony. But the future for Toyota is here now. It ain't sparkling green. It's ominously cloudy.



Nick said...

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brandsinger said...

thanks. may do that. I could use the cash.

Thomas said...

Wow!! That reminds me of how I bought my first property with no money down, simply by using the equity I had in a set of antique silverware I picked up at a flea market. Now I own 27 properties with a positive cash flow of $1.46 per month (before mortgage, taxes, fines, and legal fees). Thanks ol' wise Nick! Now I'm going to start my own blog about the philosophical attributes between 'Seinfeld' and 'Family Guy' and reinvigorate my financial portfolio.

brandsinger said...

Tut tut, Thomas. I took Nick up on his deal and now I'm retired in Punto del Este. Caballero, another mojita por favor.