Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Brandsinger Work Avoidance Chart

The instinct to avoid work seems to be primeval, living in us deep down next to the love of soft grass and train whistles. The instinct to avoid work can be overcome, of course – for example when someone tries to drag you to a Julia Roberts movie – ah, then sorry, work we must. Under the gun, y' know.

A sense of duty and professional pride can drive us to shake off distractions and get to work. But even when working assiduously – tapping away, frowning, remembering to hit "save" – one might be immersed joyfully or submerged joylessly depending on the nature of the work.

For brand consultants the work falls into fairly neat quadrants as pictured in figure 1. You battle hard to overcome work avoidance down in the lower left... and find the sweet spot there in the upper right.

I've reviewed my own activities over the past month and identified specific challenges that fit within the quadrants.

The request to critique and improve someone else's work doesn't feel like an obligation at all. Whereas sorting through a complex brand architecture is such grindingly hard work that... well, what's Julia Roberts in again?



Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, the work of criticizing existing materials is often provided without charge to the client in the proposal phase. The long slog of brand architecture yields much compensation -- but too many gray hairs, too. So, perhaps having something in each quadrant is the key to happiness and prosperity?

brandsinger said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for your paean to balance.
Keep one in each quadrant for professional happiness and spiritual peace.

Hadn't thought of that...