Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is Spring a brand?

Spring is the morning of seasons. It’s the bacon and eggs time of year. It’s the season that summons you to make lists, shake out the kinks and test the muscles.

As a brand, spring promises clear value: Promise itself. That’s right, spring promises promise – and delivers.

Spring comes with a glorious portfolio of product brands, like the best-selling Robin® and the traditional Lilacs Out of Dead Land®. Other products are Cardinals Singing®, Warmer Days®, Rising Sap®, Freshly Turned Earth®, and Budding Buds®.

The Thunderstorm® is a favorite with lovers but is not available until April.

Spring’s products are sold separately and come wrapped in chilly mornings. Over the course of six weeks each one bursts forth to express its own colors, sounds and fragrances.

Every now and then a Spring product has to be recalled – for example, Warmer Days® – a troublesome thing that seems to have starter problems. I remember one set of Warmer Days® that came with a yellowy sun and green trees waving in the breeze. But gee, it didn’t work at all, especially in the shade. I was sorry I wore shorts when I tried it out.

I complained to Spring management about the faulty Warmer Days®, but I only got back a form letter. The letter promised me better Warmer Days® if I just put it on my list and showed patience.



Thomas said...

You know, the birds have been tweeting about this for years!!

brandsinger said...

Hey Thomas. There is nothing new under the sun.

Have a great spring

- brandsinger

驚訝 said...

生活總是起起伏伏,心情要保持快樂才好哦!! ........................................

brandsinger said...

Ach! I told you we shouldn't meet here!