Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Coffee Logo – Seattle's Best

At first, my reaction to this change of logos was: I don't care. The new logo is a mere sign, a label. Why bother with a critical opinion? Why get upset? I'm not a visual artist (It doth offend mine eyes!)... Oh, I know about brands and should have a well-thought-out reaction ("Must be aligned with the intended experience and reinforce the customer's perception of blah blah blah.") But it's just a picture. A drop of liquid in a circle. Why posture over such a trivial issue?

Or... How about this: I hate it. There. I might join the pack of angry critics and sound the alarm: How dare they replace an elegant old sign with these infantile scraps of geometric shapes?

Ah, but that's so predictable. We consultants are supposed to hate everything other people do. If we don't issue a John-Simon-type denunciation, how can we justify our fees? This looks like a universal symbol for an oil change! (he huffed)

I have a confession: Brandsinger does hate it. Well, hate is so strong. I find it doth offend mine... No, it sucks... No... What's wrong with it, you ask? Well little lady, this here new pitcher ain't fully symmetrical, looks lack a bottle cap with a key hole, and don't have nuthin to do with coffee or Seattle or best-ness.

I recommend: redraw the logo inspired by a sister of Juan Valdez. He is not from Seattle, true, and he may not have the best-looking burro. But he knows beans and wears a nifty hat. Those are my key criteria.



Jerry said...

This new logo signals "good to the last drop" but it occurs to me someone else used that for several decades – Maxwell House?

brandsinger said...

Yes, that was the Maxwell House slogan. Perhaps this is derivative of that idea.

Justin said...

This logo has gotta be ultra-hip like Seattle, I suppose. I'm a designer, and although I believe it's artistic composition is fine, the choice in terms of brand management is puzzling to me.

Jason said...

While I may not be able to fully appreciate the new logo, the old logo is not exaclty pleasent either.

brandsinger said...

Justin and Jason - Thanks for your comments.

By saying it should be ultra-hip, Justin, you're demanding personality of some kind... and I suppose that's what the new logo lacks. It's personality-less... statement-neutral. Like a beige suit.

And Jason, you make a good point, too. The earlier version was not exactly Modigliani.