Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some businesses just have good names

The Brandsinger team convened offsite this week in the charming town of Cheshire, Connecticut. You may know the town due to its international reputation as "The bedding plant capital of Connecticut" – which happens to be its slogan. Our team found savory sandwiches at the local deli and potent coffee at a little roasting shop where the special of the day was a robust coconut, Columbian, hazelnut, mango flavored bean with a hint of... now I may have mis-remembered. But the aroma of the place stimulated the synapses, leading to productive thinking by my brilliant, highly caffed and excitable colleagues Jessica Ohlin and Ernie Mills, of Ohlin Associates and Mills Global, respectively.

Oh yes, and after generating more hot air than a Southern politician at a lakeside bar-b-que, we retired to an unpretentious little ice cream parlor that boasted a world-class name, Sweet Claude's. Now I can't imagine a better job of branding for a business that sells a product that is both very sweet and very cool.



Scott said...

Where was Patrick?

brandsinger said...

Hi Scott - Thanks for your comment. There were dozens -- perhaps hundreds -- of talented friends and colleagues who were not at our offsite pow-wow. Where were you?

Anonymous said...

Cheshire is a great little town, and businesses like Sweet Claude's are key to the brand. People like to live and work there, and they make an effort (in my experience) to make a visitor feel welcome. As if they've taken a course run by the Chamber...the net effect is that, having been there, you relish the opportunity to return. For a double dip.

brandsinger said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Yes, Cheshire is on my list of places to see again -- after Paris and Montreal and Vancouver and San Anton.