Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you Drake University brand

Amid the pompous claims and skyrocketing fees of higher education, Drake University has launched a new campaign based on appreciation for modesty. The University is taking serious flak for proclaiming its value under the refreshingly realistic theme "D+." Full story is here: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/campus-overload/2010/09/drake_brands_itself_as_a_d.html

Hey Drake admissions staff - bravo! I know you are being ridiculed. I know people think, well, why not strive for a C+. But here at Brandsinger, we dig honesty. We love humility. We agree that not every person or institution merits a C+.

So D+ it is! And in fact, D+ to all of higher education while we're at it:

D+ for political correctness on campus that has squelched honest debate of political and social issues.
D+ to the for-profit degree-mills that take students' money and prepare them for unemployment.
D+ to the professors slogging through the unending books of Dante without any discernible relevance and rationale other than their own adoration of The Classics.
D+ to academic posturing, classes based on instructors' hobbies, and monographs no one can understand but the two grad students who did the research.
D+ to sprawling campuses, multimillion-dollar salaries for coaches, plush student unions and higher-than-inflation-rate tuition fees.
D+ to tenure for professors while the rest of us slobs kowtow to bosses, clients and boards of directors.
And D+ to the mean professor I had who, under the guise of being hip, led me to believe he wouldn't fail me if I skipped the mid-term paper.

Thank you Drake University for telling it like it is!

Brandsinger believes in honesty. Our motto is, "To thine own self be true." When I engage 30 students this fall in my NYU grad course in Strategic Communications, I'll be facing the toughest graders on earth: Students



Jerry Kuyper said...

Truth in advertising revisited.

It is so difficult to gather support for strong ideas, how does an idea like this one pass the gauntlet?

I hope Fordham doesn't utilize the same approach.

brandsinger said...

Thanks, Jerry.
There are a lot of tongues in a lot of cheeks on this one.


Thomas said...

I don't know if I laughed more at the concept of the branding on this one, or all the memories that came rushing back into my brain after reading it.

Being the son of a college professor and also a college grad myself, my first 20+ years were spent on or around universities. Having said that, I can add to your list of "D+" moments from my own personal experience.

D+ to the calculus professor who was more into demonstrating his knowledge while simultaneously showcasing your ineptness loudly in front of the class because he refused to help you solve a problem.

D+ to the english professor who announced that you could skip the final exam if you were happy with your current grade, prompting me to skip the final, only to see my 'A' get recorded as a 'C' in the end.

D+ to non-airconditioned class rooms during summer sessions.

D+ ...oh, just too many to list here...

brandsinger said...

Very funny, Thomas. This gets personal fast, doesn't it!

...And many tongues lodged firmly in cheeks.

Cheers -

Justin said...

Will you have notes/lectures available online from your NYU class? It would be great to see a glimpse of what you are covering.

brandsinger said...

Hi Justin!
No, you'll have to pay tuition and attend just like the other students.

I can send you the syllabus, however.

My answer: D+


Justin said...

I would love to attend the class;
only the 4 hour commute from DC is stopping me.

I would love to read the syllabus. Maybe that will inspire a move to NYC.

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