Friday, January 28, 2011

GE ad expresses intoxi-gination

You might suspect that concern for the environment has slipped a few rungs on GE's corporate agenda. I'm guessing that – to get this "eco-magination" ad designed – a government affairs officer asked a third grader for a concept – but because the third-grader's concept was too profound and engaging, the government affairs officer decided to have a few glasses of Chardonnay and come up with the design after work while watching Home Shopping Network. So the resulting concept was, "Let's take a picture of a jet engine and paste yellow flower pedals around it, okay? That says something about ecology, right? Ecology is a very important subject here at our corporate company where I work at."

"...and I just thought of this... We could add a bee in there flying around the engine... you know, off to the side."



Jerry Kuyper said...

A bee that size would be the equivalent of a Canadian goose, you know the ones that bring airplanes down when enough of them are ingested in takeoff.

brandsinger said...

For all we know, Jerry, the people who designed this ad thought that creature WAS a Canadian goose. Goose, bee, whatever.

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