Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tiger: Go to Japan!

For years Tiger Woods was an adored hero on the world stage – then in a flash transformed into a coddled celebrity falling down the rat-hole of self-indulgence and ruin.

Since his fall, Tiger has tried to show a humble, human side... and worked on his golf game to regain his winning form.

Is his rep improving? Has the Tiger brand regained value? Well, he has not won a tournament since his Waterloo. Troubled conscience?

But now: Here is a golden opportunity! Tiger is scheduled to go to Japan!

And yet – in a terrible decision! – he canceled the trip – reinforcing the view that Tiger is still a pampered celebrity rather than a humble man of empathy. Brand botch!

My advice to Tiger: Go to Japan and grab a shovel. The world will see you in the best light. You will feel better about yourself – and maybe have the confidence and inner calm to win a tournament for a change.



David L. said...

It would definitely be good PR and a humbling gesture to go and serve (give) and not always take. But I think whatever Tiger does now will only seem self serving. His golf fans are only interested in him winning and everyone else doesn't really give a damn other than Charlie Sheen. His moment in history has passed him by.

brandsinger said...

Thanks, David. My (albeit outlandish) thought was that doing good will ease his mind... leading to a steadier putter.

Cheers - brandsinger