Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aptly named, tragically confirmed

I receive daily posts from Alaska (don't ask me why), where life holds perils that most of us never face. In our namby-pamby tri-state areas, skiers are rarely engulfed in avalanches or joggers eaten by wolves.

In Alaska nature looms. Names have a blunt, descriptive power. How about this river where two boaters tragically drowned:
Call me lily-livered. But getting me to venture onto a body of water called Dangerous River would require considerable urging from a Colt .45.



Anonymous said...

I know that part of Alaska. Dangerous River is not far from Hungry Grizzly Cliff, and only about a one-day hike from Wolf Trap Canyon. That's what I love about Alaska. You know what you're getting into. Truth in branding!

brandsinger said...

Thanks Anonymous-
"Truth in branding" -- yes! -- Alaska has it. So rare in commerce these days.

Stay out of Wolf Trap Canyon.


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