Monday, July 4, 2011

DSK to America: "Thank you"

If – in the end – Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not charged with rape and other felonies, and if his cohorts stand him for the presidency of France, then he has a ready-made story-line of heroic personal redemption.

The all-too-obvious story-line would be that U.S. prosecutors treated him brutally, that the media held a bar-b-cue with himself as the roasting pig. He can scold America for barbaric treatment and thank his wife for standing by him. He can add that he respects the historic bond between France and the U.S. and that this ordeal will not color his ability to… blah blah blah…

That would be the obvious story line.

But here’s the opportunity for Strauss-Kahn. “THANK YOU AMERICA”

THANK YOU AMERICA for opening my eyes to my own attitude toward women and my previous demeaning treatment of them.

THANK YOU AMERICA for exposing the vulnerabilities of people in power – and their need to behave with scrupulous respect toward all citizens and toward social conventions.

THANK YOU AMERICA for giving me a tour through the nightmare of incarceration so that I can forever commit myself to the humane treatment of prisoners.

THANK YOU AMERICA for reminding me of my own humanity in the face of state power, thus reviving my personal humility and renewing my commitment to justice.

Such an approach would show depth, imagination and political vision – leading to rousing acclaim and admiration in the U.S. and worldwide.

But don’t bank on hearing this from Mr. Strauss-Kahn, since a) Brandsinger is too irreverent for influence in Paris and b) Strauss-Kahn is probably, just as portrayed in the American media, too arrogant.



Jerry Kuyper said...

Thank you Claude,

I want to live in your alternative universe.

brandsinger said...

Ha ha - very funny, Jerry... Yes, sigh, the visionary's life is a lonely one.

Larry Ackerman said...

L'integrite? Qu'est ce que c'est ca?

Viva les femmes! Merci! DSK

brandsinger said...

Larry -
Mon ami - vos mots sont tres droles... et malheruresement, trop vrais.

avec les plus profonds sentiments d'estime,


Anonymous said...

Amen! But we shouldn't be too quick to proclaim his innocence. The wheels of American justice have not complete their circuit...

Attitudes like those of DSK and his circle of pampered ENArchs are one reason that so many intelligent French people have emigrated to the UK and USA.

You've got quite a list of winners you're writing about this week, btw... Cheers--