Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Summer a Brand?

Summer is feminine. She calls out like a dangerous siren – “Come, you must have fun. It is time for you to have fun like when you were a little boy out of school. Why do you frown? This is no time to worry and pay bills. Take off your shirt.”

Summer toys with our senses. It is the season of troubling contrasts. The sun comes up cheeringly… and then turns the air into steaming dust. A swimming pool beckons in our dreams… but the real water collects on our brows and soaks our pants.

You tell yourself to be happy. “Don’t forget that brutal winter. Remember the cold wind biting your ears. Summer is wonderful… summer is… I'm slightly dizzy… summer is so… but remember the angry winter when you longed for a summer day…”

Summer nights are so alive – bugs sing… people shout and perfume the air with their bodies. Cities throb and stink and teem with half-naked humans while small towns exude the rich scent of wet bark and honeysuckle.

Summer whispers: “Take off that shirt. C’mon, do it here on the train platform.” While AT&T says: “Fine, but pay my bill first.”


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