Friday, September 9, 2011

People as Pixels

These displays of authoritarian aesthetics are endlessly fascinating. Little tiny insignificant human beings stand as pixels in a picture painted for the Great Leader.

What is in the minds of these human dabs of paint? Is that 1404th Korean from the left thinking, “I am such a good little dot of red!” None of these little people can see the entire picture – except vicariously through the imagined eyes of the Great Leader.

The political point is obvious. All of us together – perfectly playing our roles – make up one nation.

Is this different from our own “E Pluribus Unum”? Depends on what the “e pluribus” refers to – states, people, ethnic backgrounds – and how complete the “Unum” – one nation or one single organism throbbing on the tarmac for the delight of one man.

These people are proud of their unity and deference. We are proud of our individualism and self-expression. If this were staged in New York, the dot of red would be thinking, “Pee-yu, what did the blue guy next to me eat for breakfast?”



Damian said...

If this was done in New York we'd call it a "Flashmob", and instead of the "great leader" it would be a logo for an internet start-up that probably doesn't have enough vowels in the name.

brandsinger said...

ha ha - thanks, Damian. Right you are. In NY the goal would definitely be commercial, not patriotic.