Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The dangers of over-enthusiasm

Creative urges sometimes get the better of us, and enthusiasm can drive away the very people we're trying to attract. Once—while interviewing for a job—I became very enthusiastic about my personal achievements, got up from the table, and strolled around for a minute while still talking. Turns out, I later learned, the interviewers at the table were alarmed. They asked an intermediary, "Why did he bolt from his chair in mid-sentence and ramble around waving his arms?"

It is with sympathy, therefore, that I think of the eager soul who created this poster for a small clinic in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Instead of enticing customers inside for a flu shot, this emotionally charged sign surely causes them to shudder and walk on. I know that I would rather risk a virulent flu than walk into that clinic, roll up my sleeve, and face the business end of a needle the size of a pine tree.

Next flu season, this enthusiastic artist should take a few deep breaths, pick a number 2 pencil, and practice drawing smiley faces.



Ben said...

I walk by that poster all the time and it scares the crap out of me... oddly enough, I've never gotten my flu shot there. That red background makes it truly horrifying.

Anonymous said...

That's not nearly as horrifying as the poster I saw at the supermarket. Put up by a proctologist offering discounted holiday colonoscopies. Let's just say that I've never seen Santa Claus skidding through that particular chimney before...

brandsinger said...

You guys are a riot.

You're right, Ben, that blood-red background is not exactly reassuring.

And Anonymous -- yes, displaying medical invasive devices is fine for medical school, not mass markets.

Merry Christmas to all.


Xin-smiley said...

hi, Merry Chirtmas, wish you all the best for the new year, i think the problem of this Ads is to show their enthusiasm of their product and business itself, they dont think in customer's shoes which makes it unacceptable

Tourism Indochina said...

Practice drawing smiley faces...that makes your face also full of smiles too..

Tourism Indochina

brandsinger said...

You have a great name!
Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. The sign-maker was carried away by his enthusiasm—and forgot to think about what the customer sees.

Happy New Year to you!

from brandsinger

Xin-smiley said...

Thanks for your reply :)
It is the reason why we study consumer behaviour, while it is hard to do than to say; Almost every company in all industries alleges that their products are designed to satisfy the customer's need and they are so passionate about it; however, it is not always true
It is rainy in Canberra today,a great moment for family and friends being together; wish you a safe and happy Christmas :)

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