Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nothing Says Christmas Like...Red Cups!

Our next guest post comes from NYU grad student Gabi Hui, who often smiles but has reason for the downcast look. Read on...

With the cost-efficiency and reach of social media, marketing campaigns are momentary and fleeting. If I didn’t know how much they cost to put together, I would even say they’re a dime a dozen. It’s difficult to capture an audience nowadays, and exponentially more difficult to build a campaign with longevity.

All hail the Starbucks Red Cups!

Starbucks began selling their holiday beverages in their symbolic red cups in 1997. That’s fourteen years! I’m trying to think whether anything I own right now has lasted fourteen years. *Blank* And what’s more impressive is that they have seamlessly integrated these Red Cups into the holiday season. What was the last company to capitalize on the most profitable purchase season of the year to this magnitude? Coca-Cola?

And people are extremely loyal to these Red Cups. There are websites counting down the days until the Red Cups are back. Every year, my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with status updates about their return. There are fan groups dedicated to Red Cups. And why not? For $5, an over-joyful Starbucks barista can place a delightful Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha in a red cup with cheerful little characters into your hands. You deserve it, especially after wrestling with what you should write about in a 250-word entry for your PR Writing class.

What’s more is that this year, Starbucks incorporated an Augmented Reality experience to their infamous Red Cups. Customers can download an app to their iPhones or Android devices. Pointing your camera phone at characters on Red Cups or other merchandise will produce animations on your phone.

Don’t get it? Take a look. Click here for video!

Gaby Hui is a candidate for a master's degree in public relations and corporate communications at NYU. "I dropped my last piece of Red Velvet cupcake during a holiday shopping marathon last year. This is why I look so sad."


Anonymous said...

It seems as if the beauty of the original idea was its simplicity. It was a bit of a throwback like, as you noted, Coke and its old time Santa chugging from a glass bottle. Do you think they might have taken things too far with this new augmented reality app? Like putting a pickup on a violin?

reta said...

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Mario said...

Interesting example of a social object that works. As for the augmented reality stuff, I guess it gives people something to do while they're drinking their beverage, but most importantly, it gives them another reason to keep talking about the red cups.

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