Monday, February 21, 2011

Gauging the impact of "The"

Jeff Lapatine, our friend and former colleague at Siegel+Gale, muses on the value of the word "The" in names.

Jeff's excellent blog-post is on the S+G site here:

Jeff points out that "the" sometimes enhances and ennobles a name – as in "The Hartford" or "The Lone Ranger" – and other times clutters up a name – as in "The Facebook" or "The Superman" – which was the Man of Steel's original title.

When I started at Chase Manhattan, the old-timers called it "The Chase..." and similarly at Aetna in the 1990s the old-timers called it "The Aetna." Over time these institutions dropped the "The" and became just "Chase" and "Aetna" to bow to modernity and to proclaim their iconic stature.

"The" is a small, inconsequential word – but as Jeff explains, its inclusion in a name is a big, significant decision.

The Brandsinger