Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Costa Carnival carnival

The world is not waiting for me to comment on the tragic drama staged this week on the wet rocks of Italy. But I have a writer’s compulsion to inventory the human beings who play out their roles as the rest of us gape in sympathy, horror and amusement.

“O for a muse of fire!” cried Shakespeare’s Chorus in Henry V. Well, no, we don’t need such an inspiration for this play. We just let our eyes wander across the media for a glimpse at each actor.

Costa Concordia Carnival—A play in many acts

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)

The captain
Dashing, dark-haired Francesco Schettino, who piles into a life-boat to save himself while frightened tourists stumble about a darkened deck. Schettino is the coward in all of us. He is the man we know we are not…but dread becoming in a crisis. Thank you Captain Schettino for reminding us of our duty. Thank you for showing us how facing an additional 60 minutes of chaos can spare oneself a lifetime of shame.

Micky Arison
CEO of Carnival Corporation, which owns the Costa Cruises company and the flipped-on-its-side cruise ship. The New York Times says that Arison “has taken a low-key position, allowing the head of his Italian subsidiary to handle the accident’s fallout.” Round-faced and smiling, Arison—who inherited Carnival Corporation from his father and also owns a pro basketball team—has a key role in our play: He is the distant feudal lord who is always out of town when fire devastates a village, flu ravages the countryside, and a vicious sheriff robs and rapes without restraint. “M’lord Arison is not at the castle this season.”

Ted Turner and Richard Branson
These are rival lords who instinctively know how to lead and show the world what it is to own a company. Based on their personal branding, one can imagine Turner or Branson, in a similar disaster, hopping on a jet to the scene of tragedy and handing out hot soup to survivors and taking every press interview while dressed in a tan jacket with large pockets and epaulets.

Too poor to afford their own boats, too old to endure the rocking of a smaller vessel, too scared for the Atlantic, too unimaginative to chart their own travels, too middle-class to seek great opera and chic bistros, too lazy to cook their own meals, too burned out by a hard life to hike or marathon, too desperate to entertain their children but happy to relegate them to plastic play-scapes, our passengers find themselves confronted by nothing less than death itself—and show their mettle and their frailty and their capacity to survive.

Ship's crew
More than a thousand strong, our riotously festooned crew-members frolic on stage in aprons, plumed hats, smart red jackets with gold buttons, tiny bikinis with patterned black stockings, grimy tee-shirts soaked in soapy water, black cut-away jackets with cummerbunds, high heels and skimpy cocktail dresses, and spooky black robes. What a dazzling throng they are! Oh yes, and a few here and there are dressed as actual sailors.

Italian Coast Guard officer
Known only as a gruff, commanding voice from off-stage. This official sensibly instructs our Captain Schettino to leave the safety of his life-boat and climb up the ship’s ladder to help coordinate the evacuation. He is clear and decisive—a communicator of simple, masculine eloquence: “There are corpses!” he tells the captain. “But it is dark,” comes the whining reply. “People fighting for their lives and you want to go home?” mocks the Coast Guardsman. In mounting frustration and anger he commands: “Go back on board! Now!” Ah but… well, see above... our Captain Schettino is not allowed, in our script, to do what’s right, and the Coast Guardsman is left to cry in the wilderness.

These are our players. A 114,000-ton vessel is our stage. The world is our audience. And “O the humanity” our unending story.



Anonymous said...

Ah yes as the great Bill Shakespeare once wrote,
"Cowards die many times before their deaths,
The valiant never taste of death but once."
So is the case for our detested italian captain.

An insightful and well written commentary on the dramatic tragedy we all can't help but marvel at. Thanks for the post.

brandsinger said...

Awww... very kind of you, Anonymous one.

Would you say that anonymity is itself a form of, not cowardice, but unwarranted literary timidity? Just asking. Of course, I'm sure you would never abandon ship.


Anonymous said...

Equally sad is that, in our age, this is the best tragedy we can come up with. I mean, think about Titanic. Now THAT's tragic. This recent accident is more like a guy totaling his Escalade while trying to navigate the Lord & Taylor parking lot. And killing one of his passengers in the process. And listening to a red-faced security guard, a doughnut in one hand and a cup of tepid coffee in the other one, shouting obscenities about the mall parking rules. Geez...

Justin Prather said...

This is my favorite creative writing piece, particularly involving cruise ships and Bill Shakespeare, in a fortnight and odd days! Bravo!

brandsinger said...

You're too kind, Justin.
I can still hear that coastguard officer: "Va a bordo! Va a bordo! Subito!"

I read that this has become a popular slogan for Italian t-shirts.


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Sutanya said...

Claude!!! This was fantastic! You hit the head on the nail with your commentary. So good. So good.

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brandsinger said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

And yes, sometimes I feel like a did hit my head on the nail.

Hope you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Vada a bordo.
Not "va a bordo".
Vada a bordo cazzo!
Get on board for fuck's sake.

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