Monday, October 22, 2012

Is Fall a Brand?

Every season has its distinctive vocabulary. Summer evokes words of play and travel. Winter chills to the bone and shuts down roads.

And fall? In fall you hear seasonal words like "crisp" and "nippy" and "invigorating." Summer is not invigorating.  

In fall everything is in motion. Clothes flap in the breeze, and trees sway. Brown leaves dance down the street alongside colorful bits of garbage. 

Fall’s rival is spring—the other season of change. If spring is a celebration of renewal, fall is a tribute to depth. Fall forces you to look deep into your closets, deep into the changing woods, and deep into your soul and past.

In summer Americans play baseball where one ninth of them wait in right field for something to happen. Or they play golf, the game of calm self-indulgence in which golfers study the putting surface while the world drums its fingers.

No doubt about it: Fall is exhilarating. Fall is for football—a time for marching down-field to the din of smashing bodies. In fall you are ready to expose yourself to risks and rewards.

So I ask you: Is fall a brand? It has a distinctive personality. It has a brand purpose—to dislodge and set in motion every object, thought and being. It has a noisy brand voice carried here and there on gusts of the wind.



Jay Livingston said...

LOL. Thanks.

brandsinger said...

Hi Jay -
I read your tribute to George McGovern with your characteristic distain for American democracy. Still fighting those Old Lefty battles? What's next, a petition to rename your street after Stokely Carmichael?

wallpaper said...

Wow! This is absolutely beautiful.

brandsinger said...

wallpaper -
Thanks - I will cherish your praise -- perhaps put it on my wall!