Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ouch! Parodists zing U.S. political talk

How do young critics view our recent multi-quadrillion-dollar presidential extravaganza?

Here is a cutting little parody sent to me by two NYU graduate students—Alan Chenxi Wang from China and Godslove Oghijesu Adagbonyin from Nigeria.
See what you think: Does this capture a certain truth about our political dialogue? My personal reaction to these words is: Ouch! 

Dear Prof Singer,
Please find attached my assignment for this week. 
After this assignment,  I've decided that from now on I'm going to answer every question like a presidential candidate. 

Question from Prof Singer: "What are you gonna do this weekend?"

Answer: "That's a great question—and an important one. And I WILL do something this weekend. But let me take a step back, and answer a broader question. What are we ALL doing this weekend? As a nation? As a world? This weekend, I will do something comprehensive and robust, yet fun. We all should."

Q: "But, what are you going to do?"

A: "What I'm going to do involves three things. First, it's going to be relaxing. Second, it's going to be enjoyable. Lastly, I'm going to make sure that it's cost-effective and I don't get into a deficit. Four weeks ago, I said I'd do something—and I did. This weekend will be no different!"

Have a good weekend. See you on Monday.

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Sandy said...

Lol this is funny! But insightful.