Sunday, November 11, 2012

Republicans—Look to Lincoln

Back in November of 2008—after Republicans lost to Obama—I urged them to save their brand by looking to their founder, Abraham Lincoln. I wrote that Lincoln's values and policies are relevant today—and can be building blocks for a Republican revival.

That was 2008. Now Republicans have lost to Obama again and thrash around shrieking like a squirrel in the claws of a feral cat.

It is obnoxious for anyone—anyone!—to quote themselves admiringly. But I'm doing it. I know it's risky. As a boss of mine loved to warn, "Today's peacock is tomorrow's feather-duster."
But so be it. I'm strutting my wisdom. I revive my commentary following the Republicans' 2008 defeat and dare to say that it rings true today.

Below is my November 11, 2008 headline and opening. Read the full piece here and tell me if I should continue crying in the wilderness or go to Washington and whisper in Republican leader Boehner's ear. 

Yep. Deja vu all over again.



Anonymous said...

"Today's peacock is tomorrow's feather-duster."

This is an excellent saying, and I'll have to remember this. I often think how sad politics have become with the US vs. THEM mentality, and who can better express or brand themselves instead of what they truly have to offer in terms of leading this country. As for this years presidential election, remember that there's nothing new under the sun...

Proverbs 14:12

brandsinger said...

Thanks, anonymous one -- The past year's campaigning techniques and tactics were very disappointing.

In my view, the guys who screamed "liars" the loudest were the guys running the dirtier, more negative campaign. But that's all in the rear-view mirror. Time to forge ahead!


Unknown said...
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Justin said...

Maybe the Republicans will find the new Lincoln movie inspiring!

Joking aside, a Republican brand didn't shine through the media during the election. Positions might have been clear. (jobs, lower debt, etc) But, I'd argue that their values behind their positions were not obvious. Their biggest battle might be fighting their stereotypes. Looking to Lincoln wouldn't hurt.

brandsinger said...

Hi - thanks, Justin. Great hearing from you.

Agreed, the Republicans failed to fashion a coherent, compelling response to the Obama campaign. Narrative-to-narrative it was like Mike Tyson in the ring against Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

And yes, Republican values looked very unimpressive... a poor showing for what should be the necessary alternative to a welfare state run by special interest groups -- ugh to that!

Right-winger Bill Kristol says: let's recognize that the Obamas won and go ahead and tax the millionaires and get it over with!

So the political landscape will / must change in the months ahead. Onward!


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Anonymous said...


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