Friday, November 30, 2012

Social Networks: Killing Our Social Lives

It's time for students in my NYU writing class to take over Brandsinger and tell us what's really happening. Our first insights come from Amanda Brody who believes... well, listen up! 

Social Networks: Killing Our Social Lives 
By Amanda Brody

When social networking sites first began, we were all intrigued. You could have friends without actually seeing them - Genius!  And this fit nicely into our busy lifestyles.

Soon the people we saw became fewer and fewer, and some drifted away only to become  “facebook” friends. You know the kind - we “like” their statuses, comment on their photos, and gossip about them to our real friends.

The dilemma is that we’ve lost our grip on reality – we’ve all become a little more shy, a little more secluded, and a little more voyeuristic. We hide behind images and words, some of which are not our own, because our tongue does not do the speaking, but our tapping fingers do.

The convenience of social networking has made normal matters like dating and conversation seem daunting. For many of us, it has put limits on our social life. Does anyone go to high school reunions anymore? Aren’t they just webinars? It’s just a click away to find out who married whom, who’s got a great job and who’s a total screw-up.

Without picking up the phone or meeting for coffee, in ten seconds, I will know what you had for dinner last night. But will I really know you?  

Amanda Brody is a born and raised New Yorker who currently lives in Hoboken, NJ where she balances a full-time job and a masters program at NYU. In her spare time she attends dance classes and enjoys the adventures of a good book.

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