Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Coca Cola Counts Calories

Today's guest blogger from NYU is Anisha Padamshi, who questions Coke's response to being implicated in the worldwide obesity epidemic.

Coca Cola has launched a new online tool that tells you how much exercise or housework it will take to burn off the calories in their sugary beverages.

Coke’s Work It Out Calculator not only gives you a calorie count for Coke products, but it recommends exercises you can do to mitigate the calories consumed. For example, a 12-ounce can of Coke has 139 calories which can be worked off in 51 minutes of vacuuming, 34 minutes of table tennis, or 17 minutes of Zumba.
I commend Coca Cola for addressing the danger of diabetes and obesity associated with consuming their products. However, the calculator does not take into account that people come in all shapes and sizes. While I may need to vacuum my apartment for 51 minutes, the same calculation may not apply to my neighbor. 

If health professionals blame Coke for contributing to diabetes and obesity, there is a simple solution to avoid piling on calories and consuming 39 grams of sugar: Refrain from drinking sugary fizzy drinks like Coke altogether.

Furthermore, I think Coke's corporate resources could be better employed on projects that promote physical activities among youth. With such programs, Coca Cola could more positively leverage the company’s brand and resources to make a tangible difference among their target demographic.

Anisha Padamshi left Vancouver, Canada to pursue her Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at NYU. She is a world traveler and hopes to be on The Amazing Race one day.

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