Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great Brands You Never Heard Of

Time for Brandsinger's first annual Great Brands You Never Heard Of citation with insightful commentary. We begin with a provocative question: So, you think you know about brands? ... and then we kind of lose interest and wander off and finish that beer and the last of yesterday's muffin... but then we come back and ask again—Hey you! (because now we've gotten a little more deeply into a combative mood since it's getting late and a long week lies ahead)—Yes you! You think you know brands? Well... looky here... Great Brands you never knew existed, my friend. Check 'em out!

Number 1: Everest Scaffolding 
That's right. You want to erect toweringly high structures outside your establishment? What better name than Everest—as in the highest piece of rock on the planet! Is that a name or what?

Number 2: J.W. Construction
From Bristol, Connecticut comes a brand you are completely ignorant of—and named with sublime simplicity: just two initials and one word describing what none of us can do without—construction.  Where would you be if there were no construction? Where?... I thought so.

Number 3: Care Here!
You probably thought you would get your care there, right? Well wise up: You get your care here...right here in this airport (I've forgotten which one—but I'm sure it was an important airport and that I was on an important mission.) You identity designers probably never would have thought of putting "here" in ital, right? That exclamation point says that this place is here to stay.

Number 4: NYSIGN
That's right, check it out. Would you have thought of putting the N in blue, the Y in orange, the S in yellow, the i in red, the G in orange, and the N in blue? No, you would not have thought of that. And that's why the NYSIGN truck is proudly parked in Times Square right in front of any damn pharmacy it wants. This brand's visual identity has... well, what it takes!

Number 5: Inferno
When you're cold and the place is dark and you just heard a suspicious sound in the other room, do you want a smoldering speck of kindling glowing in the fireplace?—or do you want a blaze that would make the Devil himself pull on his collar in misery? I thought so—you'd want an Inferno—and that's what these wood pellets promise and deliver. That's right. (Actually I'm a little unsure as to what these things do... but I'm confident from the name that they're very hot.)

And that's our annual review. Five great brands—all simply named and boldly proclaimed. Pretty sure you never heard of any of them—but I believe that, because of the honest spirit of each name—all of these brands are on their way to success.

Vibrant undiscovered brands are all around us. Watch out Coke.


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