Monday, February 4, 2013

Ram commercial INSPIRED

I've always hated Ram commercials—with their cartoon machismo symbolized by the "guts, glory" theme. I also despise Coors ads, by the way... and anything from Prudential and Merrill—since I see them as warped cultures doing no good.

And then—in the midst of Super Bowl's orgy of bad taste—the desperate attempts by advertisers to be funny—this stunning statement appears from Ram. "God made the farmer."

Are you kidding me! Right when the party has become its raunchiest—and teenagers are throwing up on the lawn and screams of "look at me, look at me" echo into the night—in walks the biggest, toughest kid on the block who stops everyone in mid-gyration, looks each person in the eye one by one, and speaks a few simple words from the heart right into that tiny remaining millimeter of our brains where we are receptive to timeless truth and poetry. "...and God made a farmer."

Holy planting time! Some genius on the Ram team (the Ram team!—it's a transparently manipulative name in itself) said simply, "Fuck irony. I'm bringing back sentiment."

So thanks to an advertiser who normally blows millions of dollars filming trucks splashing through mud puddles, thanks to these guys, we were compelled by force of drama to spend a few seconds thinking about duty and love and strength and family and work and anonymity. That's right, anonymity. That commercial was about standing all alone unknown at dawn—in a drizzle.

"To the farmer in all of us." —says Ram, making us stop and think.

Sweat-stained hats off to Ram, says Brandsinger.



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brandsinger said...

Faith -
You got that right!


Gerald said...

Well-written and entertaining; but "Corporations Use 'Spin' to Mislead Public" is about as newsworthy as "Dog Bites Man" or "College Students Get Drunk, Have Sex on Spring Break." If your point is that news corporations should be expected to behave differently from and better than corporations that make widgets, my counter-point is that a certain kind of mendacity is essential to the corporate way.