Sunday, March 2, 2014

Obama's body language

As Russian troops swarmed over Crimea this weekend, President Obama and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone for 90 minutes. If you flip through CNN's gallery of photos, you'll see pictures like this of troops representing Russian aggression and Putin's resolve.

You'll also see — in the same CNN gallery — this shot of Obama speaking with Putin. Look at Obama's stance — his slumping posture, hand on hip, head down — and his clothes suitable to an insurance salesman on golfing day.

As war in Central Europe looms, what impression of our President does this picture convey? Is this the body language of strength? This picture could be that of a man being scolded, not of a man standing up to a military bully. The composition sends the wrong signal: Small man in a big room.

Personally, I believe the White House needs a clear, bold and principled foreign policy. But short of that, the White House could at least APPEAR to have a clear, bold and principled foreign policy. Start by portraying our commander in chief as a chief, not a chef.

PS - Look up Putin and Obama on Wikipedia. I don't know who chose their photos, but again, one guy shows resolve, the other congeniality. Now I know one is a dictator and the other a fairly elected leader. Still, in times like this, the world looks to America for power. To portray that, I'd use a picture of Michelle, who looks like she can handle Vladimir.


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D. Rossi said...

I can feel it in my bones... next up mayor De Blasio!